We have big plans for 2021 but we need you!

The education and technical committees have been working very hard to set up impactful and achievable goals for 2021 but we can't do it alone. We need hands, feet, voices, and minds to lead and assist with various projects.  If you've been following along on the sidelines, it is time to jump in!


Please join us for our first meeting of 2021 on Wednesday January 6th at 12pm on Zoom.  We plan to hit the ground running and will have specific projects and tasks you can volunteer for. There are hands on, in the field opportunities but also many ways to be involved that can be done at home or over the phone.  If you're not quite ready to take on a task, that is fine! Join us to learn and network--you can also virtually bring a friend! 


Take a moment to review the December meeting agenda and notes via the link below the "Previous Meeting Notes" box below and use the button below to register for the January meeting.



Education Station - Volunteers needed

We are looking for volunteers to lead the January, February, and March education stations. This is a short (5-10 minute), casual presentation on an invasive species, resource tool, management method, or other topic.  Please contact Claire if you are interested in presenting.


Education Committee Meeting

The education committee will meet again in January. 

Technical Committee Meeting 

The technical committee will meet via Zoom on December 9th at 7pm. 

December Meeting Agenda/Notes

Review the previous HIP meeting agenda and associated notes via the button below.

December Education Station
Grow Indiana Natives Program

Other Updates and Info

HIP in the news

Upcoming Meetings
1st Wednesday of each month, alternating day and evening meetings. All meetings are virtual until further notice.

January 6, 12 pm

February 3, 6 pm

March 3, 12 pm

April 7, 6 pm

May 5, 12 pm

June 2, 6 pm

July 7, 12 pm

August 4, 6 pm

September 1, 12 pm

October 6, 6 pm

November 3, 12 pm

December 1, 6 pm


Registration links for these meetings can be found at hcinvasives.org.

Watch our webinars online

Invasive Species in Indiana and the Terrestrial Plant Rule 

How to Report Invasive Species in Indiana Using EDDMappS


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