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  • Standing Water & Drainage Concerns
  • Meet the HCSWCD Board 
  • Tool Loan Program 
  • Soil Testing Now Produces Results 
  • 2020 Soil Testing Data 
  • District News & Updates 
  • Annual Meeting Recap
  • Spring Management Check-list
  • Testing Your Well Water 
  • Invasive Species Alert

Photo Credit: Drew Jeffers/ Clemson University 

Standing Water & Drainage Concerns for Hamilton County Residents 

Long durations of standing surface water or poor subsurface drainage can restrict land use and management goals including plant growth. Plant growth is essential for improving soil quality and increasing soil organic matter which improves the capacity of soil to hold water. Soaked, or saturated, soils increase the likelihood of plant diseases, significant losses of soil nitrogen (due to denitrification and leaching of nitrate-Nitrogen), and soil compaction with foot traffic or heavy equipment. Some plants can survive much longer durations of saturation. It is non-harmful to plants for water to take 24-48 hours to soak into the ground. 

From left to right: R. Rulon, W. Sarber, J. Kakasuleff, D. Forrer, & A. Egler

Meet the Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors oversees Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District’s operations and represent the interests of land users in the county. Staff is hired by the Board of Supervisors to deliver services, based on local land uses and natural resources concerns.

Supervisors are made up of five (5) non-paid county residents. Three (3) are elected, two (2) are appointed. Elected Supervisors are selected at our Annual Meeting. Appointed Supervisors are approved by the State Board of Conservation.   Additionally, Associate Supervisors, also are selected to assist the Board, but they do not have voting power.  


Soil Testing Now Can Produce Results Later 

It’s that time of year again, when many landowners begin to think about their lawns, vegetable and flower gardens, trees, and even things like wildlife forage plots and livestock pasture. But there is one thing that is common to all of these, and that is the SOIL!  The condition of your soil can affect the quality and feasibility of all the above, and there is a way you can check on certain aspects of your soil, such as fertility levels, organic matter content, pH level, etc.

Our Soil and Water office provides a soil testing service to assist landowners in taking a closer look at their soil.  For more detailed information on how to take a test, options, etc. see the link below.  New for 2021, new online submission form available to make sample drop off quick and easy.  

Hamilton County Soil Testing Year-end Report for 2020

Are you curious to see how your soil test results stack up against others within Hamilton County, or even other residents across Indiana?  We are excited to share our year-end-report from all submitted tests from 2020.  Click the link below to learn more about specific nutrient levels from completed tests from Hamilton County and across the state.  

Spring Invasive Species Management

With the coming of spring comes warmer temperatures and the opportunity to begin yard work and land management. For many, this is an exciting time of year where people can finally begin all the gardening, beatification, and invasive species management plans they’ve been sitting on all winter.

With that in mind, spring can be one of the most overwhelming seasons when it comes to land management. There are so many things that could be done, and most of them are time sensitive. Don’t worry, we are here to help.  Check out the link below for some ideas to help you get started.

Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District News


Mark McCauley receiving his 30 year certificate from Hamilton County.

Mark McCauley Honored for Tenure

In February, Mark McCauley was honored for 30 years of commitment and service to Hamilton County and the Soil and Water Conservation District.  Mark has been a premier conservationist and role-model to Hamilton County residents since March 1990. 

The Board of Supervisors and staff are so proud to have him here to continue educating youth and adults to be good stewards of the soil.  Congratulations Mark!

Annual Meeting Recap

The Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District held an Annual Meeting on February 18, 2021 to showcase their activities in 2020.  During the meeting the District celebrated conservation, honored conservation award winners, and held an election for a board supervisor.  Attendees re-elected Rodney Rulon as a supervisor for the Hamilton County SWCD Board. After the vote Hamilton County Council member Sue Maki graciously conducted the oath of office.  Click the link below to learn more about the winners honored at the event.  

Special thanks to the HIP Strike Team for all of their great work at Teter Retreat and Organic Farm in mid-March. They worked to remove several large piles of invasive bush honeysuckle at their organized workday. Are you interested in learning more and joining the fun? Sign up for the mailing list at the link below.

Thank you to our supporters for 2021! Learn more about becoming a volunteer or an affiliate member on our website today.  

Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership dollars support conservation and education in our county! Join us in thanking these great supporters! We have updated our affiliate levels. Visit our affiliate membership page to see how you can support your SWCD.

Friend of Conservation
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Compassionate Conservationist
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Partner in Conservation 

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